Sometimes the Simple Things Make the Biggest Impact

Very few times as a Chamber of Commerce do we take the opportunity to toot our own horn.

We go about our daily work – planning events that bring in visitors from across the region, state, and country; working with members to fulfill their business needs; creating new programming; and of course answering emails, phone calls, and talking to visitors from the local region and around the world – with our heads down, quietly moving from task to task.

We let people know when our events, meetings, and other programs are occurring so they can attend and participate.

But what does all this activity mean? Are all these efforts an end in themselves?


Everything we do, plan for and carry out; on our own or in collaboration with like-minded partners (businesses, sponsors, local government and elected officials, various service groups, agencies & organizations) has the goal and purpose of promoting and encouraging the success and growth of our businesses and community.

From the simple things of answering phone calls, emails, or Facebook requests to the big things such as events like the Sidewalk Sale and Taste of East Aurora, we are directing attention to our businesses and community by driving people and dollars here to support our local economy.

Our efforts in the marketing and promotion of the community, creation of events, development of tourism and business development initiatives as well as a strong focus on workforce development through partnerships with our schools and businesses are things that help to ensure a vital and vibrant community.

It is due to the continuing efforts of the Chamber – small as they may sometimes be – that drives tens of thousands of people to our area each year and brings in millions of dollars in economic impact, which drives the local network of payroll, taxes, and disposable income.

In any other non-covid year this would also impact job creation but we’ll do our best to continue to address that.

I’m not overstating when I say the East Aurora community you see today is not the same community it was 20 or 30 years ago, and that the Greater East Aurora Chamber of Commerce has played a role – and still is – in that growth and development.

There is no other organization locally that consistently addresses these issues as a whole.

We as a Chamber – from the Board of Directors to me as Executive Director and Victoria Sturman as Associate Director – stand committed to carrying on this work to ensure the continued growth of the Greater East Aurora community.


Gary D. Grote

Executive Director

Greater East Aurora Chamber of Commerce