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Three local Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalitions join forces

Three local Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalitions join forces to encourage communities to “Celebrate” WNY

This first of its kind collaboration promotes healthy communities this summer

Three local Drug-Free Community (DFC) Coalitions; Alden Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, FOCUS; For Our Community Unity & Support (Lancaster/Depew), and ITAC- It Takes A Community Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalition (Elma, Marilla, and Wales) have joined forces to create a strong underage drinking messaging campaign.

This joint campaign message is one of a celebration of our communities and sends a positive message- ‘thank you for not serving minors during June, July, and August, a season typically of many celebrations.

This is the first time that 3 Coalitions in 6 local neighboring towns and 2 counties have partnered together and included businesses, and parents in an underage drinking messaging campaign. Pizzerias and grocery stores in our targeted areas will receive 4×6 stickers to adhere to pizza boxes and take out containers, 20 families in each community- (60 total) were recruited to display lawn signs- and a total of 6 billboards in the Towns of Alden, Lancaster and Elma will post the same message throughout the summer months. All messaging materials display the same image and message. 

The Coalitions targeted underage drinking since alcohol is the drug of choice for most young people. Statistics point to the fact that alcohol is used by more young people than tobacco or illicit drugs. 

The objective of this project is to reduce underage drinking by providing information and support to the parents and youth in our communities. In an agreed-upon and collective approach, FOCUS, ITAC, and Alden Substance Abuse Coalition submitted a request for and received grant monies from the Western Regional Addiction Resource Collaborative funding a “Social Host Law, Underage Drinking Campaign” to be directed during the Project Dates of June 1- August 30th in the Towns that are affiliated with each of the 3 coalitions: Alden, Lancaster, Depew, Elma, Marilla, Wales. The message is one of support to families and provides the EC Sheriff’s underage drinking tip line.


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